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This is an opportunity to learn and develop a practise for stress management and happier life. Learn mindfulness at the comfort of your own home. Step by step I will support you in establishing your own practice.


Online classes are done through a Zoom call, Skype or What's App. During the course, you will learn the technique and practice under the guidance of a certified and experienced mindfulness instructor.


5 classes are 40min long. It is the absolute minimum to get familiar with the technique. Depending on your experience and individual needs more sessions may be advised.


It is recommended to allow yourself time to put the new knowledge to practice, so sessions should be kept at least 3 days apart up to a week apart.


What will you receive with this course:

  • Free 20 min pre-course consultation call (with no obligation to take up the course )
  • 5 live online sessions via Zoom. Each 45min long 
  • Written educational materials for each session to study at home
  • Instructor's support during the course and 2 months after in a form of email or what's up communication
  • digital versions of 4 audio guided meditations to practice at home 
  • digital versions of relaxation CD for sound sleep with the sounds of singing bowls and nature

Online 1 to 1 Mindfulness Program - 5 sessions

  • To get to know your needs, and see if we feel comfortable working together you will receive a free 20 min long consultation call from me with no obligation to take up the course.

    If you pay for the course and change your mind for whatever reason, I will grant you a full refund under the condition than the cancellation is made before the second session. I advise you to do some practice at home for a week before making the decision.

    Cancellation after the second session results in a partial refund for remaining classes. In this case discount for the entire course is not available and used classes are charged at €50 per session. The remaining balance is refunded.

    However, I strongly recommend committing to finishing the whole program and having a go with regular practice before deciding to leave the practice. This is a process and, naturally, the practice challenges us throughout this process.  

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