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Mindful Eating

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

How to transfer the practice of mindfulness into our everyday life? Being here and now, connecting with the body, emotions, senses are not limited to sitting with crossed legs in a quiet place. It is a quality of attention and awareness we practice in everyday routine activities, relationships. A way of looking at things with an open heart and curious attitude towards life and all that it has to offer.

Today let's take a minute to notice how our body is nourished with food and water. Take time to consider how lucky we are to receive this gift. - Mindful Eating

Let's practice being grateful and mindful with this amazing time of providing our body with nourishment. Eating healthy is a conscious decision. Unfortunately, not available to everyone. But if you are in a position to choose what you eat, consider looking for inspiration in nature. Look for colours, smells and tastes. If your body tells you need something sweet, go for it. We have so much time now, we can experiment with healthy treats.

Make this activity a conscious practice. Consider what your body needs today? Starting from choosing the ingredients, preparing the meal, eating, using all your senses in the process, being aware and present with all experiences, emotions, and sensations that this activity brings into your experience moment by moment.

Connect with nature, the season of the year. Think about how this food came into being. Acknowledge and send thanks to all the people who contributed to the creation of this meal, elements: Sun, Water, Air, Soil, that provided you with the source of energy.

The next time you eat, pay attention to the colours, appearance, smell, taste and emotions that you experience in your body, sensual experiences. Give yourself a moment to really notice how it feels in your body, what kind of experience is it? Take time, do not rush.

Let's enjoy food, let it be a practice, a ceremony for us, a special moment in which we have a chance to connect with the body. How we eat is as much important as what we eat.

And now let's get inspired by healthy, colourful dishes.

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