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What is Sound Bath?

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

Sound Bath is a form of relaxation with the sounds of various instruments that have bell- like qualities and can create a resonance together that is influencing our brain in a very positive way. It can also be as a form meditation practice- meditation with the sound. 

The sounds that are played in the room help to harmonize our brain. Unique blend of sounds, different frequencies, harmonics, steady beats, takes our mind on the self-discovery journey. Some people come to the sound bath to connect with the higher self and receive messages from their subconcious or to heal from the past. This is possible because of the states that the sound can induce. Hypnogogic state, theta or delta state are the brain waves patterns that are characteristic for meditation, deep relaxation, intuitive dreams or hypnosis. States in which transformation of old believes, understanding, creativity, guidance and healing can be possible.

Whatever you need at this moment, a sound bath is offering you space to go as far as you want. For many people, it is a space where they learn how to relax and let go of tension. Sessions help people to find this peaceful state of well-being. 

 What happens during the session?

The Sound Bath session can last 50- 90 min. Longer sessions of 3h, or gong night as long as 9h long are also available. No experience is needed to attend. You will be lying down for most of the session, cosily wrapped up in your blanket, listening and experiencing the sounds in your body. We start with body scan practice or Yoga Nidra practice to connect with a present moment and ourselves and after the session, we share wishes of peace and kindness to open our hearts and learn to practice this beautiful yet simple technique.

What to bring?

You will need to bring something to lie on like a yoga mat or single duvet/ sleeping bag, a blanket to keep you warm and a pillow.

What are the benefits?

Sound Bath sessions have many benefits. They work on the mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical level. Depending on how far are you willing to go and what do you need. The space created through relaxation allows each individual to start his self-healing process. What I mean by this, is the miracle of relaxation, which will give your body a chance to restart your immune system, by accessing its healing mechanisms, which is often being shut down by stress.

This practice itself gives us not only a chance to relax and contemplate but also results in many health benefits, just to name a few:  

helps to generate creative ideas, visions.

generating more self- acceptance, compassion, and love

relaxing muscles

slowing down and normalizing breathing patterns, heart rate,

helping to deal with depression and addiction, 

lowering stress and anxiety, 

helping to sleep better 

reduces and helps to manage chronic or acute pain

releasing endorphins, 

improving the immune system

​ What else to expect?

These sessions also teach your mind how to relax, or more remind your body and mind how it feels to be relaxed. It is a mind training so don't be surprised if you cant easily relax at the first session. It takes time for our thinking minds to learn how to let go. We are not used to simply lying still and concentrating on sounds. Especially if it's your first time and there are so many interesting new sounds your mind is trying to analyze. This is a form of mindfulness or meditation with a sound and we can use the regular sessions as a form of our practice.

Every session will be different for you as you may have different days, sounds may be different, you may be opened to other aspects or ready to go deeper into the journey. It is good to give it a try at least 3 times to give yourself a chance to experience the benefits of this practice. Every session can be very different for you. Stay open for whatever the present moment brings.

During the session you can experience emotional and physical sensations, if you have any pain you may feel like it changes the place, intensity or completely disappears. You can experience body being free of weight and floating like feeling. At times you may fall asleep or travelling between dream and reality. These are feelings connected to the theta state and widening of consciousness. You'll experience your body differently each time as everything is changing so does the session can be every time something new for you and offering you different lessons.

As you go deep into the subconscious mind you may enter places that need healing. It is ok to feel emotional. Sadness, grief, frustration, anger are common emotions which may come up during, after the session or even a few days after. Our sessions are a safe place for them to be healed. We are there for you during the session, we always keep an eye on the group. The deeper you go into the meditation the more you may notice layers of different sensations and emotions as they come up.

The gongs and their powerful influence will help you go very deep. They are meant to stir up the feelings, letting them come up to the surface, so they can be acknowledged and healed.

Are there any contraindications to attend the Sound Bath?

Please do not attend the sound bath after consuming drugs or alcohol !!! We ask to treat the therapeutic space with respect for the benefit of others and your safety. This is not the space for experiments with substances. 

It is not suitable or appropriate for everyone: 

  • Frequency triggered epilepsy or history of seizures that might be sound triggered.

  • Those with serious mental health conditions e.g. schizophrenia, bipolar, advanced psychosis.

  • Those with metal implants in the body, such as pins or joints, should proceed with caution, as sometimes, although rare, sound can trigger resonance in the implant which might lead to physical pain. 

  • Please let us know if you are pregnant in case of placing bowls on the body. There are no contraindications for listening to the sounds in any trimester of the pregnancy.

Sound Bath should not be treated as a substitute to getting a professional psychological or medical advice and treatment but it can be very beneficial as a complementary practice to relax the body, and mind and find peace within.

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