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This is a Mindfulness Introduction course, run in 60 min online sessions for 8 continues weeks.


Online classes are done live via Zoom. During the course, you will learn the technique and practice under the guidance of a certified and experienced mindfulness instructor.


We offer the online classes for a group up to 25 employees. For larger groups we send a seperate quotation. Contact us if you need a tailored sessions (30 min, 45 min) 



What will you receive with this course:


  • 8 live online sessions via Zoom. Each 60min long session with theory and 15-30 min practice of mindfulness
  • Written educational materials for each session in a form of PDF, sent to all participants in a digital form
  • digital versions of 5 audio guided meditations for your practice at home
  • digital versions of relaxation CD for sound sleep with the sounds of singing bowls and nature


The cost come down to €150 per 1h session

Mindfulness Meditation for Stress Reduction 8 weeks up to 25 participants